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Bug Report

Report website bugs/defects/issues to the DevOps team.

For critical issues with the site, please contact the Lead Developer and Country Coordinator by phone or instant/team messenger.

For issues affecting individual users or that deal with personalized content, please provide an email address for an affected user. This will help us to reproduce the issue much more rapidly. If the issue has to be dealt with immediately contact the LD and CC by email.

Development will only get back to you if we need more information on the issue, or the issue has been resolved. If you're unsure on how or what to report or have some other questions, please contact your CC via appropriate channels. This is not a general website support channel, and your CC is the best person to help you with any non-bug related problems.

Report a bug

Development Ideas

This form is for new development ideas. Please be as specific as you can, since it will help us to better manage and prioritize the ideas from the beginning.

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