Advanced customer experience

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Advanced customer experience
What is customer experience? Do you know how does it differ from customer service? Why is it so important to create wow-effects to stay competitive? In the training, we will be going through these questions and give tools to recognize your own personal role in creating value through customer experience. The training is suitable for supervisors, managers and employees.




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Datum: 02.11.2018
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  • What is customer experience
  • Customer experience vs. customer service
  • Why does it matter, the added value and wow-effect
  • My own role in producing customer experience and how to excel in it

About the trainer

Micaela Solana
Business coach
Valmennus Micaela

Micaela is a proficient coach and educator, who has also gained years of valuable experience working in executive management positions in service industry companies.

She is a passionate, innovative and collaborative coach, who wants to challenge and inspire people to create and conduct better leadership, working environments and customer experiences, that inevitably result in more profitable business.

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1: Indexation
00:00:05 Content of Training
00:00:58 Customer experience
00:03:02 Why cx matters
00:08:30 Happy customer
00:09:19 Who is responsible for cx?
00:11:01 CX DNA
00:12:30 Customer satisfaction
00:14:37 Customer dissatisfaction
00:17:36 Customer expectations
00:21:49 What impacts Cx most in B2B
00:25:08 Remember
00:25:41 CX trends for 2019
00:30:37 How to create added value and wow-effect
00:32:45 CASE: CX at Trader joe’s
00:37:23 5 Tips on how to excel in CX
00:40:36 Question