Measuring and developing of the customer experience

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Measuring and developing of the customer experience
Focusing only on customer experience management isn’t enough. Continuous measurement and development is necessary to create those wow-moments in the future as well. In the training you will learn how to measure and utilize the results in order to develop the customer experience in the long run.

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Datum: 20.11.2018
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Training content

  • What, why and how
  • Company culture
  • Customer experience and employee experience

About the trainer

Micaela Solana
Business coach
Valmennus Micaela

Micaela is a proficient coach and educator, who has also gained years of valuable experience working in executive management positions in service industry companies.

She is a passionate, innovative and collaborative coach, who wants to challenge and inspire people to create and conduct better leadership, working environments and customer experiences, that inevitably result in more profitable business.

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1: Indexation
00:00:05 Content
00:00:35 Customer experience measurement
00:01:28 Question
00:01:56 1.What to measure in CX?
00:03:04 2.General steps to create a CX measurement action plan
00:07:13 3.Tools for CX measurement
00:10:20 Question
00:11:09 4.Net promoter score
00:14:30 NPS criticism
00:17:11 5.CX Measurement with NPS
00:19:12 6.How to use NPS to minimize churn and create more loayl customers
00:23:38 Measuring alone is not enough
00:24:19 7.Utilizing the measurement resuslts to improve customer experience
00:26:36 Remember