Risk management - Why you need to know your clients

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Risk management - Why you need to know your clients
The topic of this training is client identification in the Nordic region. The requirement for this may arise from the applicable legislation or from the Reputation risk management which are equally important in today's business operations. This training gives you a brief outlook on what the anti-money laundering regulation requires from certain operators and also touches the base on the trade sanction mechanisms. Case examples will highlight the importance of the theme but also illustrates where the risk may lurk.




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Datum: 30.04.2018
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·       The client identification required by the legislation

·       The client identification from the risk management perspective

·       Practical tips for client identification

Anne Vanhala

Anne Vanhala is the CEO and a founder of Bonfide Oy. Anne has over ten year experience in business law and recently in the EU directive driven Finnish Anti-Money Laundering Act. Anne has advised multiple companies and operators in the new demands that the anti-money laundering law obligates. Previously Anne has worked as an expert in an audit organisation and a law office.

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1: Index
00:00:05 Agenda
00:03:22 The importance of client identification
00:06:04 The importance of client identification 2
00:07:19 The importance of client identification 3
00:09:57 Client identification required by law - Trade Sanctions
00:17:32 Client identification required by law - Anti-Money Laundering
00:24:31 Client identification by risk management perspective
00:32:12 Practical tips for client identification
00:40:22 Contact information
00:40:30 Answering questions